ESSS was created in 1995, in Florianópolis – Brazil, with the objective of establishing a link between the scientific knowledge developed at universities and the application of such knowledge to industry, providing the market with the dynamic and investigative spirit of scientific research, added to a constant search for excellence in the quality of its services.

The company develops and markets solutions in computer simulation for several different areas: oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, metal-mechanical, power generation, turbomachinery, chemical, and mining.

Over the years, ESSS has gained international prominence by offering the market complete solutions of mathematical modeling and computer simulation and has expanded its facilities to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, United States, and Peru.


The iESSS division offers short and medium term coursework and specialization for professionals who wish to focus upon engineering and computational simulation. Also offered are postgraduate opportunities in the classroom or distance learning (ODL) mode for professionals who wish to acquire knowledge in the areas of Fluid Flow Numerical Analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Structural Numerical Analysis using the Finite Element Method.